4 Important Questions to Ask Before Selecting a New Office in a Coworking Space
4 Important Questions to Ask
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    4 Important Questions to Ask Before Selecting a New Office in a Coworking Space

    Posted on December 28, 2022

    Finding the right answer of the question, what to look in a new office is not an easy job. It requires repetitive tours to various business centres and coworking spaces in different locations, which is definitely exciting yet tiresome. But, at the same time you should not forget to ask questions related to location feasibility, lease coverage and discounts, if any on the final cost. When you ask questions, it helps you look at the various factors and cracks a good deal. There are a few sets of questions that you can refer to when looking for an office space in Delhi.

    Learn About Governing Body

    When you look for a coworking office space, seeing sitting area, restrooms, office services arrangements and huddle area is not enough. Gaining some info about the governing body of the office space can determine how well you will be able to function in the future. If you don’t hear from the landlords on your queries and find them non cooperative in any way, it clearly shows that these might be hard nutshell to crack in the future as well. To reconfirm your opinion, you can also seek feedback from the existing companies and check the past record of the governing body before making the final decision.

    What’s the real office worth?

    How to choose a new office is a tough question to be answered and calculating the real worth of the office place is even more difficult. Calculation of the financial value of the office building in comparison to other office spaces, which exist in the same area, can give you a strong perspective of the building’s state. This information will also help you gather more insights about the demographics, accessibility, visibility and competition. Once you are sure of your office space’s requirement, you can easily calculate the use of specific sections for different purposes and foresee the upcoming challenges, if any.

    Physical Condition of the Building

    Existing business centers are spread across the Delhi/NCR and upcoming ones are speeding up with the aim to touch the sky. Defines the art-of-the-structure of these buildings is designed by experts with precision after doing a lot of research. But, exteriors might not tell you the insights of the interiors and the conditions, which might put you in a situation not to be compromised. Hence, it is wise to talk in detail about the physical damages and other such conditions beforehand.

    Comparative Study of Perks & Drawbacks

    There are many pros and cons available on the internet when we search what to look at a new office. There you will also find a couple of tips on “be prepared for worse.” This means, it is important to be well discussed about situations in which you might not be able to pay the lease. There are many companies that force original owners of the companies to hold the liability of the company, even if the owner is planning to sell the company. The detailed discussion with the authorities will enable you to take the calculated risk and being more open to market dynamics.

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    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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