5 Easy Hacks to Boost your Efficiency in Shared Office Spaces
opt for a shared office space and boost your efficiency
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    5 Easy Hacks to Boost your Efficiency in Shared Office Spaces

    Posted on September 24, 2018

    The most ideal approach to simultaneously boost your productivity at workplace is to stay organized, and expertly deal with your time at work. Luckily, there are a few ingenious ways to achieve more at work on several different levels. This also applies for the working professionals out there who have open seating plans in shared office spaces with no cubicle walls and dedicated storage. There are multiple shared office space in Delhi that lets you set up your space right it can make major differences in maximizing performance and productivity.
    Here we bring top 5 office hacks you need to try today if you want your day to be the most productive one.

    Add a plant

    To start add a small and handy indoor plant in your area as research shows that exposure to the colour makes you more productive. Plants are an easy way to embellish your work area and improve your work environment air quality.

    Use noise cancelling headphones

    Studies by Cornell University has demonstrated that prolonged noise has serious health consequences on office workers. Get a decent pair of headphones and use them to block out undesirable noise regardless of whether you are not tuning in to music.

    Have a warm muffler or mini blanket

    The workplace temperature have been proven to make you more alert and efficient while you work. If your cabin temperature is excessive cold to resist, always keep a large scarf or blanket in your desk drawer as a saviour.

    Keep your desk motivated

    Help yourself of your purpose with certain objects around your work area. Find an object or two that motivates your work and keep it on your desk. Try an office award, your family picture or a reminder of your company’s ethos.

    Say no to your desk once in a while

    Even leaving the most organized desk can benefit your efficiency. Go out for a stroll or invest some time with co-workers and grab a coffee. Additionally, if you do not want your eyes to feel stressed it is constantly prescribed to look away from the screen every 20 minutes. Taking breaks from the desk not only freshens your mind but can benefit your eyelids too.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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