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Shared office: Your Hassles Are No More Yours

Opting for a shared office space or a co-working space is a cost-effective way of doing business while leveraging our intact quality of professional services. Choose a co-working space with us if you are an entrepreneur and do not want to invest high on real estate. This plan is also suitable for huge MNCs or established organizations looking for a temporary office space for expansion.
The occupancy level of a shared office is usually one workstation going maximum till two. For entrepreneurs, it is a cushioned launch in the market while for established organizations, it is their need of an office space which is temporary in nature and is nearby their headquarters.

Choose Flexibility

A shared office space is as flexible to your requirement as you want it to be. Without caring to manage the administration staff, you have an office space for one workstation which is fully furnished. With single occupancy you are able to leverage the benefit of what people with huge offices get.

Wide range of features

With just one workstation, you get an array of features that help you grow professionally and provide an edge from your competitors.  Here’s what you get:

High speed internet access UPS back up
Networking opportunities IP telephony
Premium pantry services AC
Fully furnished office Carpeted floor
Advanced IT infrastructure Appropriate lighting

And a lot more than this…

Premium business address

With just a single workstation, you are able to impress your clients with a business address that is at a prime location. Our business centres are located at the prime destinations in Delhi NCR for business that offers quick access and easy identification. Being located at a prime business address gives you an edge over other start-ups which start their operations from a garage or a basement in an area which is not commercial.


We have five business centres in Delhi NCR which are well connected to all the modes of transport. Be it via metro, car, bus, e-ricks, railway station, our selection of a business centre location is as prudent as you dream to be yours. We are located at landmarks which makes it easy for your business to get noticed.

Meeting Rooms At Discount

Being a start-up with just you managing the whole show of your business altogether needs some level of confidence in your client to repose in you. This can only be possible by your professional mannerisms that reflects in your choice of meeting them only in our meeting rooms and not at any bizarre restaurant. Our in-house clients get a whopping 20% discount on booking a meeting room with us pan Avanta.

Why Avanta’s shared office space suits you?

You are at a stage which is experimental or need an execution plan which lets you continue your extended office operations in a hassle free manner. Book a shared office space with us and you are ready to go the next day. We are that quick.
Our ‘Business Support Package’ ensures that your priorities go as planned with no disturbance in managing miscellaneous things. This package, referred as BSP by us, gives you all that hastens your speed of doing business. It includes the following:

Full access to our business centres Client refreshments
Wi-Fi enabled breakout areas Photocopy services
Fully furnished office spaces Postal services
Wireless internet access Telephony
EveOffice stationery IT infrastructure

We provide you a professional atmosphere to work. Choose your meeting venues as per your client’s convenience in Delhi NCR with us. We are flexible. Transparency is another important aspect which is our USP. We ensure that there are no hidden costs while you opt to choose our services. the above described services come handy in a single package for easy billing and quick administration.

Break-out areas

With an access to a shared office area, you are also entitled to use our break-out areas that refreshes you and makes you more productive. Our pantry areas are resplendent in all the business centres always fully stocked with goodies. It can be an area which is perfect for any networking opportunity you are looking for.

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Avanta in the sense it’s unique because the type of service quality we get in Avanta is one of the best. The staff is cooperative. We have a good reception where we can give our all such problems which are not related to business at all times. Telephonic service is very good, in fact excellent because they have facility that if you want to connect to someone with some person’s name in particular, Avanta’s reception connects it.

- Senior Technical Consultant, Norner Mimir India

Avanta has brought us terrific versatility and options. When we came in, we moved into one office when we started. Now we occupy 3 different offices here. We are almost 20 people being moved in when we were 2 and we have rammed up as a recruiter. So there are options and there will be very flexible and accommodative earnings.  We are very pleased with the services that we get here, they have been very responsive to our needs and they provide whatever we want and I think the facilities are really good.

- Director India, Thomson Reuters

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