5 Myths about Business Centre Industry in Delhi NCR
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    5 Myths about Business Centre Industry in Delhi NCR

    Posted on March 3, 2021

    Business Centres in Delhi

    The business centre industry is gaining popularity in Delhi. There are companies that are recognising their value. However, businesses still have doubt out there.

    Let’s take a look at some of the common misconceptions or myths about the business centre industry in Delhi. Educating people like you about business centres and serviced offices becomes a bit easier as the industry is strengthening in Delhi.

    Myth 1 – You Pay for Things That You Don’t Use

    This is one of the common misconceptions when you rent office space at business centres. A number of facilities come included in your serviced office packages. These facilities give you the ease to run your business without any hassle.

    The packages you get with serviced offices are customisable. You just need to talk to the salesperson and get it customised as per your business requirements.

    Myth 2 – Serviced Offices are Too Expensive than Traditional Offices

    Serviced offices come with all-inclusive packages. When you start using these packages, you will realise that they are far cheaper than a traditional office space. A reputed business centre will charge you only for office rentals, furniture, housekeeping, phone calls, internet, service charges, and reception services. When you rent a traditional office space then you pay a lot more for all these services. A large number of companies have saved between 40% and 60% of operational costs by renting a serviced office space rather than a conventional office. This is a huge difference.

    Myth 3 – Are Serviced Offices Only for Start-Ups?

    There is no reason why big multi-national companies shouldn’t use business centres. Large companies often look for flexibility. If you want to send your employees to particular areas for short periods, then serviced offices are perfect choices. They’re useful for small project teams, they give you maximum flexibility and available at affordable costs. Serviced offices are not only ideal for small companies and start-ups but also better for large corporations and government agencies.

    Myth 4 – There are Many Hidden Costs

    Most renowned business centres won’t have any hidden costs. They know companies are with them for a low price and thus they provide flexible and all-inclusive packages. Business centres look to be competitive and offer something that is affordable and superior to traditional office space. Thus, business centres list all costs for additional services and will ask you whether you want any of these before charging for them.

    Myth 5 – Internet Quality is Poor

    Most businesses need only 1 or 2 MB dedicated bandwidth connection to run smoothly. And, serviced offices provide better internet facilities than it would be at your home, as they’ve fibre optic lines. High-speed Wi-Fi and no peak time lags make the business centre environment perfect for any business.

    The business centre industry is constantly on the rise in Delhi. It has changed a lot in past one decade and now set for a new transformation. But, are these myths for good? Only time will tell.

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    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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