5 Things Your Employee Want from the Serviced Office
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    5 Things Your Employee Want from the Serviced Office

    Posted on October 3, 2019

    We all have our idea of ideal office space. The must-haves in a dream office include natural lighting, effective air-conditioning, heating and perfect utilization of the office space. But, when you rent a serviced office in Delhi or any city, then make sure your employees get the below-mentioned facilities:

    1. Natural Daylight

    Your employees might feel sick and tired if they step into a dark, gloomy workspace every day. Studies show that daylight and airy environment can improve office morale and efficiency. When renting a serviced office space, make sure space have proper windows which allow in natural light while blocking heat-causing infrared light.

    2. Air-Conditioning

    How many times do we argue at home for temperature settings? You like to it be cold but your spouse prefers more warmth. These little niggles extend at the offices too. Some employees might feel agitated and find it hard to work when the temperature rises above 25°C or vice versa. Researches in the past show that employees in an office want more say over heating controls to make them feel more relaxed during their work.

    3. Gym in the Office

    Why waste time rushing to a nearby gym when you can have one in your office. Yes, you’ll find many serviced offices in Delhi NCR provide in-house gym where your employees can exercise and stay fit during work.

    4. Make better use of Office Space

    Free movement and posture choice can make every employee comfortable. Your serviced office should have enough space where every employee can personalise their own space by bringing their family photos or plants. This makes your workers feel of being a part of the company.

    5. Gardens

    Who does not fancy a rooftop garden to chill-out in over lunch? Find a serviced office space in Delhi with a rooftop garden or a nearby garden space from the office. A long stroll in the garden after lunch can help you improve productivity.
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    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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