Best Business Centric Localities in Delhi
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    Best Business Centric Localities in Delhi

    Posted on November 17, 2021

    Being the capital of India, Delhi is considered the most preferred city to set any business. There are multiple locations in Delhi where you can start your venture; however, it depends on the nature of business.

    The size of the household market and nearness to clients and providers are the top factors that make a business situation helpful for a company. When trying to predict the success of a business, location is one of the most critical factors. Even though it doesn’t seem like a significant one, you should carefully consider the situation when choosing your office space in Delhi.

    For any business, the connectivity and infrastructure play a vital role to have one office and business. Factors could decide for your perfect location for business in Delhi, and considerations are:

    • Clients can quickly come to work: The most pivotal way area influences the achievement of your business is how simple or troublesome it is for clients to contact you.
    • Employees can quickly come to the office: your employees must be able to access your business space quickly and on time.
    • Suppliers can reach your location easily: When maintaining an active business, you have to ensure that your customers can reach you in no time.
    • Access to public transportation: be sure to check the proximity of the local metro/bus stations when choosing the perfect location for your office space
    • Proximity to competitors: location affects the success of your business – the proximity to similar companies to cater to the client with better negotiation.
    • Considering the cost of the location: one more way when location affects your business’s success is when it determines the company’s operating costs.

    There are three best location for an office space in Delhi.

    1. Connaught Place

    Connaught Place

    Known as the heart of the city Connaught Place is the most sought-after location for any business. It is one of the most expensive commercial market in the world. Avanta provides office space in Connaught Place at prime locations like Statesman House and Ambadeep.

    2. Saket

    office space in Saket

    Saket is a one-stop destination for corporates and many small and mid-size businesses. There is the city’s famous Select City Walk mall where your employees and clients can hang out after work. Avnata has an office space in Saket at adjacent to Select City Walk.

    3. Nehru Place

    Nehru Place

    Nehru Place is a large commercial, financial, and business center in Delhi, India. Nehru Place is a prominent commercial area in South Delhi due to its proximity to Noida and Gurgaon. Avanta’s office space in Nehru Place is located in International Trade Tower.

    For any business requires serious analysis, planning, and detailed organization. One of the aspects that should not be neglected is the location. All the above-said proves that the location is extremely important and that there are numerous ways in which it affects your business.

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    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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