Choose the Right Layout of a Conference Room in Delhi
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    Choose the Right Layout of a Conference Room in Delhi

    Posted on January 29, 2019

    Now that you have got a conference room in Delhi as per your requirement, it’s time to choose the correct layout that suits your event. Knowing the various angles of the conference itself are the key starting points to coming up with the best meeting set up styles. These aspects include the number of participants, understanding your clients’ specifications, the kind of meetings, etc.
    How about taking a look at the five most common layouts for conference rooms and examine their suitability for your gathering needs.

    Classroom Style

    This is exactly similar to a classroom layout where the audience is sitting in rows and facing one primary speaker, but they also have tables in front of them to allow for note-taking and other tasks. This is best for the meetings which require a speaker and the group of onlookers to watch or listen to the speaker with less participation.

    U-shaped Style

    This type of layout is like a U-shaped setup where a speaker sits at the center with the attendees surrounded along with the rectangular tables. In such layouts, the tables are put on external sides. It is known as a versatile conference room style and is mostly used for private meetings where more than one speaker takes turns for presentations.

    The Boardroom Style

    This is the most common meeting room style that can be seen in meeting rooms where top management people gather around a table to discuss about vital issues. It has a rectangular table at the centre with chairs around it. An ideal room with boardroom style layout can accommodate up to 25 attendees.

    Auditorium Style

    Most of the stage shows happen in an auditorium style setup. Same as a theatre there is a spot for the speaker with the audience placed in straight or half-circle rows facing the stage. This is mostly used in one-way presentations. This is apt for audio-visual video conferencing. This layout works best for the meetings which have a large number of attendees. It may or may not consist of tables.

    Banquet Style

    This meeting room style is applicable for a huge open room where numerous round tables are placed with chairs around them. This is the most identifiable style where attendees are able to move freely in the room. This layout works great for networking sessions.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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