Conference Rooms Design to Boost your Productivity
Productivity in Coworking space
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    Conference Rooms Design to Boost your Productivity

    Posted on December 3, 2018

    First impression last till the end. Strangers form opinions about you in the first seven seconds they meet. The same happens for your meetings. Your clients, customers, partners and employees, they are all influenced – positively or negatively – by the conference room you chose for your meeting. Poorly facilitated conference rooms affect the way your clients perceive about your business and working culture, henceforth, the conference room’s design, layout, furnishings make a solid initial impact. Likewise, when meeting room design isn’t completely thoroughly considered, amazing thoughts can fizzle out and go nowhere.
    As we spend up to half of our workday in meetings, these ought to be held in well-equipped professional spaces where we get the positive vibes. Here are some tips on meeting room design(keep in mind while searching for an space) to boost and maintain productive and creative ideas flow.

    Choose a Space that Suits your Business Types

    One room isn’t fit for all types of meetings. Each meeting happens with different objectives. The greatest challenge is to opt for rooms that can meet your specific demands. Avanta’s conference rooms in Delhi are well-equipped with advanced technology; audio-video technology, IP based telephony, high-speed wi-fi, projectors and so on. Schedule your visit to Avanta to get an insight into how effectively you can use its meeting room designed to keep all corporate needs in mind.

    Size as per the Meeting Necessity

    Each kind of meeting room requires its own measure of space. Quick one-on-one sessions aren’t intended to happen place in giant cutting edge boardrooms, similary as you don’t want scores of employees vainly searching for a room that meets their technical prerequisites. That’s why Avanta has focus rooms for phone calls and private discussions, multiple rooms for video conferencing or whiteboard brainstorming, conference rooms for bigger gatherings, most often with clients and their visitors.

    Colours to Lighten your Mind

    Studies have found that calm colours like shades of blue, beige, green promote productivity and focus. Cheerful yellows are considered shades of optimism and are said to trigger creativity and ideation.

    Roundtables for Compelling Discussions

    Roundtables encourage one-on-one discussion. Regardless of whether used for creative meetings to strategize future tasks or for internal presentations prior to meeting with clients, the round table makes it conceivable to advise, share information, make arrangements and have approach standing at the same time. In a large meeting room with a rectangular table, conference chairs with armrests and a comfortable seat and can invite participants to a longer discussion on serious issues. In this way, you signal to attendees that they can take bolster for their back comfortably and prepare for a longer discussion.

    Natural Lights to Keep the Participants Attentive

    It’s a common yet too often still ignored fact that people thrive in natural light. Good lighting empowers satisfaction, which in turn enhances profitability. Windows and eliminating fluorescent lighting is an absolute necessity whenever possible. Although, blinds or shades should be installed so projector screens can be seen clearly.

    Ease of Booking

    Meetings are day-to-day activities, so ease of space booking is something that attract a lot of clients. Avanta Business Centre allows for smoother sailing with regards to safety, privacy, attending your visitors, scheduling back to back meetings and so on.
    Presently, you already know the essentials for a pleasant meeting room environment, the only thing which is required is to enjoy it a lot more than you initially assumed.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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