Co-working near Delhi Airport
coworking space near delhi airport
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    Co-working near Delhi Airport

    Posted on October 6, 2017

    The Business Centers are progressively altering their space as stylish, amenity-rich co-working realm with ultra-urbane ethos. The connotation of state of art technology in these centre is at the helm as serviced offices are redefying the aesthetics to match with the élan of runaway in the neighborhood. 

    However, for the new wave of co-working near airport, convenience is key, but technology is and infrastructure also keeps travelers through their doors for important meetings or flexible shared space requirement. Let’s delve in why people are lured towards Avanta Business Centre near Delhi Airport.

    Upscale yet Convenient Setting :

    The new-fangled set up of co-working near airport hotel is increasingly focused on attracting travelers through contemporary and upscale facilities in meeting rooms – along with better connectivity to their next flight than ever. The travelers get an opportunity to conduct meeting for few hours and resonate an image to remember through the advanced infrastructure.  Avanta Business Centre in Aerocity is the latest hub of national and international giants. Perfectly located near airport, it is one of the most sought-after business locations for elite visionaries who are always on the go.  Holding a conference in plush location helps companies to establish and expand.

    Unmatched neighborhood:

    Avanta Business Centre is amidst the new hospitality district of Aerocity, offering close access to suburb and Cyber Hub in Gurgaon.  This co-working space is engulfed with 14 top hotels. If you halt for a meeting or conference in the business center, then you can sojourn in plush hotels which are near the co-working space.  These hotels are luxury offering services like spa and courtyard pool surrounded by tropical greenery. Excellent entertainment and retail facilities are ingeniously designed to rekindle the weary day.  The effervescent milieu is certainly luring visionaries towards Avanta’s Business Centre.

    ibis hotel

    Advanced Infrastructure:

    Avanta Business Centre is building with intelligence and home to a wide range of office spaces in Aerocity. The shared/serviced and co-working space realms are all equipped with cutting-edge technology, IT infrastructure and other necessary office supplies. The user just have to get the laptop and start working, rest is already embed in the vicinity. Business services along with IT is already fix, you just have to sit and work. The building is well integrated with technological intelligence, fulfilling the needs of high end corporate and retail clientele. The co-working enhances your behavioural experience and helps you connect with each other using handheld technological devices. The modern day wireless technologies in Worldmark allow users to adjust environmental control, view conferences remotely, and use Wi-Fi onsite.
    shared office space avanta business centre

    Astounding Safety & Security:

    The building is LEED Platinum rated and there is dedicated entry and exit for offices.  Also, 24-hour CCTV security surveillance is prevalent in its vicinity with proper security staff .  Further, the window glass is double insulated and vigilant security check ensures safety.  Special Sniffer dogs are kept to refrain from any sort of mayhem. Ultra-modern fire detection and fighting system are intact in the business Centre.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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