Decorum in Coworking

Decorum in Coworking

Decorum in Coworking

Posted on February 2, 2018

Decorum in Coworking
Coworking space is a boon and a cost alternative option for work from home professionals, small entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups, but one senseless mistake of yours can quickly spoil your company’s reputation. In this case, to sustain your image among your coworkers you need to follow certain unwritten rules that ought not be ignored.
There are plentiful business centers in Delhi/NCR which provide coworking space in Saket, Connaught Place, Nehru Place, and other business areas where small businesses can book a workstation as per their choice. Co-working in these top-notch areas is much more than just showing up to work each day doing your job but requires common workplace etiquettes obliging and deferential to the people you share your workspace with. If you are new to a shared space, ignoring the decorum of working in this culture sounds awful and can lead to annoyances. The work culture in coworking is slightly different than the traditional office, and you can expect a more open and social environment.
Here we bring some ignored yet essential guidelines you need to remember to contribute your best to the shared workspace community. If you actively maintain discipline and apply productivity techniques, you might just find that your coworking experience helps you reap some extraordinary benefits and allows you to kick off a profitable venture.
Respect Privacy– It is one of the biggest challenges that is faced from a social angle when you are working in a shared space community. Every company at some point ultimately needs a degree of privacy to discuss important elements of business. Try not to interrupt your fellow workers when they are in middle of their work and wait for them to initiate once they finish. Make use of enclosed meeting spaces or collaborative spaces for your important conversations to minimize unnecessary disturbing noise.
Maintain Cleanliness– Do not leave your mess behind. You might be very busy with your pending work; however, it is discourteous to leave spills on the counter or waste items at your work area. Familiarize yourself with the mops, tissues, paper towels and always clean up your trash.
Focus- For those who are new to shared office space, adjusting to the background noise is suggested like other fellow freelancers and business persons. Putting a noise-cancelling headset and listening to music can be a great help to overcome this unfavorable situation. Abstain from taking frequent breaks to chat to other workers sharing your space and make it a priority to shut off and focus throughout the day and hit your productivity goals.
Follow Basic Etiquettes– Every co-working space have its own rules and regulations where you need to acclimate yourself to the surroundings and observe others behavior. Keep your cell phone on silent or vibrate. No one wants to hear that from another workstation. Don’t spread your work taking full space if you are on a shared table, refill the papers in the printer if you have depleted all of them etc.


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