Ditch Windowless Room, Opt For Meeting Rooms With Natural Light
Meeting room with natural light
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    Ditch Windowless Room, Opt For Meeting Rooms With Natural Light

    Posted on July 19, 2018

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    Can you recall when was the last time you left a meeting feeling refreshed? Or do you remember when you tried hard to stay awake and attentive amid an important presentation?

    Dealing with these is not easy, however, meeting rooms complimented with plenty of natural light can dodge these minor issues obstructing a productive discussion. Meeting rooms/conference rooms design should not be limited to plush leather chairs and a polished boardroom table. Witnessing maximum number of corporate gatherings, most of the meeting rooms in Delhi are with windows that brings natural light, keeping participants energized and engaged in the discussion additionally connecting them to the outdoors.

    What If Natural Light Is Not There?

    When dealing with a windowless conference room, you really start missing natural lights and appreciate the receptiveness they bring. During meeting room check, start by turning on all the lights and see if you can feel the positivity. Fluorescent lighting is another alternative for conference room lighting. These lights provide bright and crisp lighting that is energy efficient with a large selection of fixtures, lamp combinations, and mounting options.

    Why Natural Light Is Important?

    Attendees at every big conference are bleary eyed people racing towards the coffee station the moment, the first break in proceedings is announced. In that case, coffee is not only antidote to the restiveness and fatigue that can develop when people are closeted in a large and dull conference room.

    Lighting is the toughest challenge, and it can actually save us from profitability deplete. Most of us thrive in natural light; including it through windows and eliminating fluorescent lighting whenever possible will make the meeting room looks more welcoming.

    Exposure to daylight in meetings put attendees at ease, encourage conversation, and induce creativity. Mindful room design can drastically improve the effectiveness of your meetings. If the windows face the streets and direct sunlight, be sure to put blinds or shutters so light can be reduced when video screens are ON.

    To make it very short, natural light in a meeting room will help you combat the following issues:
    • Sleepiness
    • Zoning out
    • Inefficient meetings

    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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