Does Your Office Space Environment Affects Your Productivity?
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    Does Your Office Space Environment Affects Your Productivity?

    Posted on April 21, 2015

    Your office space environment determines your creativity, contentment, and collaboration. People in the UK work for the longest hours in Europe, while in India, you will find most of us working for more 70 hours every week.

    Since, you spend most of your day in the office it has become essential to make sure that your working environment is inspiring and engaging.

    From top multi-nationals to start-ups, everyone is now moving on from traditional workplace concept. They’re now seeking something more innovative, unique that can boost creativity, increase productivity and finally improve profitability.

    However, have you ever wondered that your office space environment can actually affect your productivity? Choosing a serviced office space can do wonders for you, if you’re looking to improve your work productivity. The facilities and services available in a serviced office can facilitate collaborative working.

    Innovative Interiors

    We all strive for attractive interiors at our homes. But with so much time spent in the office, you should realise that an innovative workplace is just as significant as your home. Serviced office spaces don’t have hefty price tags. However, having a small budget doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on limited design options. Studies show that if you introduce plants in your office, employee productivity goes up by 15%. In addition to this, natural daylight can be mood enhancing and thus boosting your work productivity.

    Creative Thinking Space

    Modern day serviced office spaces provide dedicated business lounges and breakout areas where you can free up your thoughts. Sitting at a desk for whole day can hinder your ability to think creatively and collaborate with other co-workers. But, if you spend some time in a business lounge, you can have face-to-face encounters and have collaborative working.

    The breakout areas or the business lounges in business centres help people to enjoy the casual atmosphere of a coffee shop meeting, that too without any distractions.

    Quality On-site Pantry

    Most workers either spend their lunchtime on their desks or out on the streets searching for an average sandwich. This is basically because the bustling kitchens with long queues can turn anyone down when it comes to spending some relaxing time during lunch.

    If you have a quality on-site café or pantry area in the office, then you can draw your co-workers from their desks during lunchtime. Serviced offices provide enough opportunity to revitalise. The breakout areas or pantry areas in serviced offices help you collaborate with co-workers without actually standing in queues or running out for a quick meal.

    If you work in a building full of different companies, then your co-workers can become your friends and you can do some close-quarter networking.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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