Does Office Lighting Affects Productivity
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    Does Office Lighting Affects Productivity

    Posted on March 18, 2015

    Office lighting and productivity

    You will find a plenty of factors that affect your workspace productivity. However, there is one important factor that most employers ignore – ‘Lighting’. Yes, we all know that reading in the dark can harm our eyes, but lighting has effects beyond that. As an employer, you need to find a good workplace with ample office lighting because it has a significant impact on the productivity of your employees.

    As per the study conducted by the American Society of Interior Design, approximately 68% of employees complain about the lighting in their offices. The fact that such a large number of employees are not happy with lighting in their offices means that many employers are making the same mistakes.

    Reasons for Office Lighting Affects the Productivity

    The most common reasons for poor lighting in the office is that either lights are too dim or they are too harsh.

    The Downside of Artificial Lighting

    Dim lights one of the main reasons for hampering employee productivity in the office. They cause headaches, eyestrain, and itching in the eyes. They can also result in lack of focus and drowsiness that obviously have negative impact on employee productivity.

    Harsh lighting or florescent lighting has a number of negative effects on employees. They cause eyestrain, trigger migraine and it’s quite difficult for the eye to focus. Thus, you should always find some alternatives to these artificial sources of lighting.

    Natural Lighting – The Alternative

    One of the best alternatives to artificial lighting is the natural daylight. Past researches show that the building with huge windows and natural daylight can increase the level of satisfaction of the occupants. Natural daylight has the ability to affect people’s mood, behaviour and ability to see.

    According to Nakul Mathur, Director at Avanta Business Centre, “Natural lighting in the office leads to happier workers, fewer illnesses, and less absenteeism.” He adds, “Natural day light encourages satisfaction among workers and it also results in increased productivity.”

    Importance of Good Natural Lighting in the Office

    Natural day light is the most crucial part of any office space conditions. If you have good day light in your office then it can reduce eyestrain and increase high morale. Natural day lighting is important because:

    •    It reduces fatigue
    •    Increases the rate of output
    •    Improves morale of employees
    •    Ensures better quality of work
    Artificial lighting is detrimental to your employees’ productivity. Opt instead for natural day lighting that is effective in increasing productivity of your workers. Rent office spaces with natural day light so that your workers are fully satisfied and happy.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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