Etiquette to be followed in a Coworking Space
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    Etiquette to be followed in a Coworking Space

    Posted on October 29, 2018

    When you work in a coworking space with other individuals who may belong to your team or some other organization, you get to communicate with them as friends or colleagues. Though most of the coworking spaces are known to have a cool work environment, yet one must keep some basic decorum in mind to be star worker of your company.
    We follow the following etiquette at our coworking spaces in Delhi and suggest you cooperate at its best to this flexible office space community.

    Smart use of the space

    There is always the space crunch in this community. It can be either hot seat, where no particular seat is assigned to you or it can be a dedicated seat or a private cabin room. Whatever the seating layout it is suggested to keep your work area organized. Avoiding the visual mess makes you feel satisfied at work which builds your productivity.

    Be Friendly

    You have a lot of extremely cool individuals working out of the space. Don’t walk with a straight face rather make an effort to get to know them and learn what other individuals are taking a shot at. Look happy and greet your coworkers to maintain a jovial mood. Treat each fellow workers with respect.

    Don’t misuse the space

    On the off chance that you have booked a meeting room or space for fixed hours, try to complete your work within the stipulated time. It may be the case that someone else has booked but he or she is not getting the place because of your overuse of the space. Additionally, unnecessary time spent in community space like gyms and recreational areas should be avoided too.

    Be careful with the noise

    Respect your fellow workers’ privacy. Take control of the noise coming from you and your colleagues. If there is a call to attend, then make sure to step out to the private zone. Try to reduce your volume as much as possible so that you don’t end up aggravating the other workers.

    Use your own materials

    Use your own supplies when you work in a shared office space. If you borrow any stationery items like pen, markers etc, then be a cordial return the same to them on time. There are certain limitations in your working areas that you need to abide.

    Maintain your physical appearance

    Your dress and outward appearance should not look messy. The best possible outfit should be worn and avoid wearing loud accessories. Don’t put on a perfume with a strong smell that can cause a headache to other workers.

    Share your experience

    Shared spaces provide you all the essential facilities at affordable prices. If you are happy and satisfied with the services then help the community by sharing your experience. Word of mouth from a genuine user has a huge impact and can make or break the reputation of a coworking space. Be a good customer and share your feedback with others if you liked the space. Being a service provider we keep on sending feedback forms to our clients at coworking space in Gurgaon and Delhi to hear from them and encourage them to refer us to their potential contacts.

    Follow Basic Etiquettes

    Every coworking space has its own code of conduct where you are required to adjust yourself to the surroundings and observe others behaviour. Keep your cell phone on silent or in vibration mode. Nobody needs to hear your ringtones from another workstation. Try not to occupy full space if you are working on a shared table, refill the papers in the printer if you have used all of them etc.

    Accept the change

    We humans can make a habit of anything easily, and a majority of us tend to accept the changes in the workplace environment. Given the situation to sit somewhere else (as you are in coworking space), try to cooperate with others. Not only it gives you the feeling of a fresh start, but it will also make you benevolent with new fellow coworkers.

    Watch your visitors

    When bringing visitors to the coworking space, remember that you are fully responsible for their actions. Try not to give your guests stay in the work area without you or your team member. The visitors are supposed to wait at the reception or common area during office hours.
    We hope the above-mentioned etiquette helped you out becoming a potential colleague for your fellow workers. Is there any other etiquette that you follow? Let us know in the comment section.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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