Four Meeting Room Layouts to Spark Imagination and Feed Ideas
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    Four Meeting Room Layouts to Spark Imagination and Feed Ideas

    Posted on July 2, 2015

    Meeting Rooms in Business Centres

    Modern offices are under tremendous evolution, so are the rooms within them. From small size start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, everyone is now thinking to redesign their conference space. This is mainly because every organisation wants to meet the changing needs of next generation workforce.

    Four Meeting Room Layouts to Spark Imagination and Feed Ideas

    If you’re one such organisation, looking to spark imagination and feed ideas into your workforce, then transform your main meeting space into these layouts. The modern meeting rooms shake up the conventional, dark conference venues, with uber-chic furniture and high-speed technology.

    1.    Say no to meeting room walls

    Move your meeting venue outside of the traditional walls. Loft layouts look trendier, where you can design your meeting room with private screens. These new layouts provide an impromptu conference space for teams that are small in number. You can even use these screens temporarily for better or private conversations.

    2.    Roundtable layout for exclusive conferences

    If you want to soften the layout, try a round or oval shaped conference table. This round table conference can improve employee morale and put your guests at ease when hosting important company meetings.

    3.    Bar height conference table

    Looking to bring back the coffee shop vibe into your office? Then look out for a bar-height conference table that really works for your corporate meetings. You can stay away from distractions of loud music and conversation of a coffee shop yet get a cosy feeling within your meeting room.

    The bar-height tables give you a new body posture and circulation, wherein you feel physically rejuvenated during long meetings. These tables and chairs provide utmost comfort and ergonomics that are ideal for afternoon meetings and high productivity.

    4.    Make your meeting room a bit informal and comfortable

    It’s important to make your team feel more comfortable while speaking up and sharing their ideas. For this, you should start by replacing the cold steel and leather chairs with couches, side tables, and pillow seats. Making your meeting room a little cosy and informal can help your employees to contribute their ideas and provide feedback to your projects.

    If you’re looking for a relaxed meeting room environment or just want to stay away from distractions, then arrange your conferences within business centres. Modern day business centres provide you more relaxed atmosphere, with up-to-date facilities and technology that make sure your event is a sure success.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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