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    Frequently Asked Questions About Coworking Spaces

    Posted on August 29, 2019

    There are a lot of questions that comes into our mind when you hear about coworking spaces. This new type of workspace have disrupted the traditional working environment in the past few years. Almost 13 million people are expected to operate from these spaces by the year 2020. The majority of coworking spaces are found in tier-1 cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune and Hyderabad.
    Unlike traditional offices, these spaces neither require full sum of money nor the hassle of office setup. If you are the founder of a bootstrapped startup it’s beneficial for you to consider Avanta’s coworking spaces in Delhi which is right for you in your current circumstances.
    If coworking spaces is unfamiliar to you the following questions can help you weigh your options before making a physical and financial investment in it.

    Are the Coworking Spaces actually beneficial?

    Coworking spaces are designed and streamlined to provide a collaborative community for individuals or small companies. It is beneficial by all means, flexible seating layout, fully furnished setup, IT support, housekeeping staffs, admin staffs, maintenance staffs, access to breakout areas and meeting rooms. In short you get everything that you need to run an office.

    What else is there along with the desks?

    Most coworking spaces provides amenities like internet and unlimited tea/coffee. It also provides basic office requirements like photocopier machines, printers, internet and wi-fi connections, paper binders, IP telephony, UPS backup, free space, storage, and restrooms.
    Some coworking spaces may provide a lot of fancy amenities that might sound attractive, but it might be not important for you to pay so much money for the amenities you will never use.

    Who are the other members?

    The other member in your coworking community are like-minded individuals from different organizations. Well, having a diverse population in these spaces is one of the greatest advantages. Here, you get a group of colleagues who have skills that you don’t get access to when you are working out of your home office. It’s like working with different departments like HR, finance, marketing etc. in a company.
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    Avanta Business Centre provides coworking space in Delhi and Gurgaon. You can email us to or simply call us on 011-30446402.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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