How COVID-19 will change work environment of coworking space in Delhi?
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    How COVID-19 will change work environment of coworking space in Delhi?

    Posted on July 7, 2020

    With the constant increase of COVID-19 in our country, solopreneurs and business owners are forced to quickly re-evaluate whether their workspaces are safe environments for their employees.

    It is evident that this current pandemic is going to impact all industries. However, the service industry, especially the coworking space in Delhi, has not been good for the past few months.

    Like it or not, a significant change is about to happen. As we have stepped into unlock post coronavirus lockdown, we are working in a changing working environment than the one we left months back.

    Here’s how COVID-19 changes the office space and coworking space in Delhi and the way we work.

    1.The new workplace guidelines will increase the demand for coworking space in Delhi / shared office space in Delhi

    We all know that employees’ health and well-being are the topmost concern as they begin calling all employees to the office. Undoubtedly, they will look after their safety, but they will some changes in their office settings that allow for choice and flexibility where they work — be it at home or within the office. These demands will increase flexible working shifts and a coworking environment.

    Many professionals now see coworking space in Delhi as the best option and are not thinking about leasing a new traditional office space anytime soon. Instead, they will be more likely to start calling their employees at coworking spaces at different locations to expand their areas outside of their physical footprints.

    2. Demand for low-density spaces increases

    Even before we thought of resuming office, the government identified employee social distancing occurring throughout offices. As all professionals followed news on the Coronavirus, the offices’ occupancy was decreasing in early March. As they return to their office, they would look for more distant workspaces setup.

    Companies will also begin to ensure that their employees are distanced as they work in offices. Corporate leaders will look for decreasing the density of workstations in their offices and moving some of their departments to flexible office spaces.

    3.Frequent cleaning is encouraged 

    Companies during this pandemic needed to ensure ‘building health’ when it comes to cleanliness. The need for cleaning extends across facilities, workspaces, furniture, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning to avoid the virus spread inside the premises. Overall, better cleaning methods will need to be initiated as well, and hand sanitizers will need to be placed at accessible points within the office premise.

    Automated doors have often been a nice-to-have feature; however, in the new workplace, it has become a need-to-have. The entry register at the reception was the most common earlier, but now companies are researching the best way to introduce visitors’ virtual entries.

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    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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