How Shared Office Spaces Are Attracting Startups
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    How Shared Office Spaces Are Attracting Startups

    Posted on August 23, 2018

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    Not all startups have a grand beginning. We all have come across stories where a brilliant founder starts his company in his home garage or basement, makes something successful, finds a fund and proceeds to conquer the world. At the underlying phase of a startup, working from a garage or basement seems to be a decent choice. But as you grow you will need to move out of your garage office. You can’t continue meeting your client and retained customers at coffee shops. Moreover, working from home can see your productivity wane with distractions like kids, family, neighbours etc.

    When your startup is at the initial phase of its setup and does not want to invest a huge capital, you can be savvy enough moving to a shared space. There are numbers of shared spaces in Gurgaon and Delhi that has become very popular among the solopreneurs. Opting for a shared office space comes with multiple attractions.
    Read the full article to know the major advantages of shared office spaces.
    Shared Office Spaces in Delhi Gurgaon
    Flexibility as per your prerequisite
    Startups often struggle with finding a workplace that gives them the adaptability to suit their expanded group. If you are a beginner and hoping to expand your headcount inside the following couple of months, signing up for a two-year office lease is the least preferred step you want to proceed with. This clarifies why an expanding number of new companies are moving into shared spaces.
    Another reason that new businesses are moving quickly to sharing work area under one rooftop is that they spare you from the hassle of everyday administration of office space. The cash that you spend on office managers of different utilities could be saved and used in developing your business.
    By dealing with everything from electricity bills to office administration, sharing office space gives new companies the opportunity to deal with their constrained assets all the more proficiently, so they can commit all their thoughtfulness regarding business matters.
    Excellent Networking Opportunities
    Since networking is a fundamental route for new businesses to construct a strong client base, it bodes well to find a workspace that fosters organic business connections. The common spaces are inherently designed to encourage networking and collaboration. For example, it’s very easy for members to strike up a discussion in the pantry over some espresso, or amid a professional development workshop.
    Sourcing freelance talent
    For asset tied new businesses that depend on outsourcing, it can often be challenging to build a reliable roster of freelancers and consultants. Since shared spaces usually attract freelancers across a variety of industries, they can serve as an ideal environment for startups to source talent.
    Regardless of whether you require help with content creation, graphic design or HR, it’s very likely that you can find a fellow coworking member who can carry out the activity. And if your startup can’t afford to pay for these services, you can always arrange for a skill exchange that benefits both parties.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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