How to keep your data safe at Coworking Space
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    How to keep your data safe at Coworking Space

    Posted on September 22, 2020

    Coworking Space

    Established companies or start-ups moving to a coworking space is very common nowadays. They are more cost-savvy, happier, and vibrant. However, coworking spaces are shared environments where understanding the data security is essential to avoid data security risks.

    Why is Avanta coworking space safe from the risks?

    Avanta coworking spaces in central Delhi, south Delhi, and Gurgaon offer secure broadband and Wi-Fi connections. Avanta has a web security team that audits and strengthens the networks. Avanta can also customize spaces as per the clients’ specific requirements, wherein they can get their internet connection and install their servers. They can use a centralized internet connection and servers that Avanta provides at its office space in central Delhi, south Delhi, and Gurgaon.

    How does it happen?

    Hackers might try coworking vulnerabilities to infiltrate the members’ devices and steal valuable data. When someone connects to the public network, they leave an open doormat to allow others to take over. Hackers can set up some fake networks to intercept the traffic meant for the office network. WiFi sniffing is another tactic used by cyberpunks. ‘Sniffing’ is used by the hacker to steal data communicated over public networks.

    However, there are a few techniques and advice which keeps the coworking members safe from data security risks.

    1. Regularly update the operating system, web browsers, and other apps in the system
    2. Disable automated connections setting to Wi-Fi networks
    3. Use the public network setup when connecting to the coworking network – this setting disables file and folder transferring.
    4. Use firewalls, network activity monitors, and anti-virus software
    5. Create strong passwords and revise them regularly – enable two-step authentication on business-related accounts
    6. Never leave any devices unattended – you never know who might be prying around!

    Another technique adds encryption to the browsing data- virtual private network (VPN). It makes it impossible for cyber attackers to steal the data.

    For a safe and secure coworking space in central Delhi and south Delhi and Gurgaon, please call Avanta on +91 11 30446402 or email at


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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