How to Make Your Meetings More Productive and Effective in a Coworking Space
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    How to Make Your Meetings More Productive and Effective in a Coworking Space

    Posted on May 28, 2020

    Meetings often decide the course and tide of a business. Crucial decisions regarding important aspects such as the growth and functioning of a company are taken over meetings. Right from management guidelines and resource allocation to market emergence and team development strategies, everything is formulated over sessions. Meetings, therefore, play a critical role in determining the future of any organization.

    Training sessions also form an integral part of your organization’s proceedings. Training your staff is very critical for any business to function smoothly. For a meeting or training session to be productive, the first thing you need is a professional meeting or training room equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure. 

    If you choose well-equipped meeting/training rooms at coworking spaces in Delhi, it provides the business environment and all the technical support you require, allowing you to focus solely on the schedule and the session.

    Every meeting or a training session has its purpose and is hence different in this aspect; meeting/training rooms, on the other hand, have some common attributes, which, when present, can make your session more effective. 

    Listed below are some of the reasons you should conduct your meetings at coworking spaces. 

    Prominent Location

    An easily accessible, central business location provides the perfect start to a meeting. The majority of coworking spaces in Delhi have well-designed meeting rooms, which not only project a good impression of your business but also ensure that all the members comfortably reach the venue without any hindrances. Moreover, the prime location presents additional advantages such as proximity to the airport, star hotels and recreational hubs, ease of accessibility through public modes of transit, and safe, convenient parking facilities, making your meetings hard to miss.

    Infrastructure and Support

    Modern IT and telecom equipment with efficient tech support form the backbone of a productive session. In addition to the underlying infrastructure, such as LCD projectors, whiteboards, LAN connections, Wi-Fi, docks, universal power cords, conversion cables, etc., the venue also provides applications like LIVE streaming and media sharing., AV-assisted communication and online training over high-speed Wi-Fi. Rooms in coworking spaces are equipped with efficient back-end support to ensure seamless communication without any unnecessary glitches.


    Meetings can take place between two people or among fifty people. You wouldn’t want the space to be too cramped up or unnecessarily large. Similarly, training sessions can vary in their duration based on the purpose. Also, depending on your requirements, you may require rooms of different layouts such as boardroom layout, circular layout, and so on.

    Flexibility in the respects, as mentioned above, is what you look for while renting training/meeting rooms. At the same time, the rooms are cost-effective.

    Pay-per-hour meeting/training rooms offer the best bet in this regard.


    You get excellent hospitality services when you conduct meeting at coworking spaces, which create a good impression on your guests and employees alike. A venue that accommodates a welcoming reception area staffed by trained professionals for receiving and guiding your delegates, catering services for customary breaks during meetings and training sessions, and secretarial support for call handling and call forwarding would be a smart choice.

    Avanta Business Centres

    If you are looking to book a professional meeting/training room in New Delhi, your search ends. Avanta offers flexible, affordable, and well-equipped meeting and training rooms of different layouts and sizes in all its coworking space in Delhi

    Avanta’s customizable, state-of-the-art meeting and training rooms are equipped with:

    •      World-class IT infrastructure
    •      Robust audio/video conferencing facilities
    •      Multimedia sharing solutions
    •      End-to-end tech support for presentation sharing
    •      Automated and operated-assisted conferences

    Located in prime locations of New Delhi, Avanta is a leading service provider offering fully furnished coworking spaces, service offices, meeting/training rooms, and virtual offices

    Avanta meeting and training rooms also offer a range of comprehensive value-added services like secretarial, concierge services, at reasonable all-inclusive packages, it the most cost-effective option.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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