Make your Office Space in Gurgaon Eco-friendly!
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    Make your Office Space in Gurgaon Eco-friendly!

    Posted on March 18, 2021

    Saving nature is cheaper and more straightforward than your assumptions. And while this fact is known to everyone, why don’t we share a few tips that can help you go easy on the environment and the office bills.

    Use the used paper while printing

    Avanta has already accepted this! According to a 2013 survey, alone in the USA, a whooping 20,700,000 tons of paper was produced using 55 to 110 million trees, and unfortunately, only 53 per cent of it was recycled. But still, there is hope! There are agencies that delivers paper supplies made of natural recycled fibres. These eco-friendly and pristine white in colour papers are cost-effective and will help you save a few trees from chopping down. PS: at our office space in Gurgaon, we request our skilled workforce to use both sides of the paper while printing.

    Avoid ‘Use and Throw’ products

    Even the smallest plastic straws take centuries to decay, and millions of them are dumped in our oceans – damaging the exposed marine life. It is not required to use paper or plastic plates, tissues, straws or thin plastic cutlery while enjoying meals during lunch hours. We at Avanta’s office space in Gurgaon and Delhi insist people use dishes and cutleries available in the office.

    Even if your greens are not natural, store them!

    Ophthalmologists say that people have the most effective visual receptors for the colour green. According to colour science, it is said that green is the most calming shade for human eyes. Gazing at green enhances vision; it possesses healing strengths and calms you emotionally. One should have an arrangement of greenery (no matter if it’s not natural) within the office not only for environmental protection but also to create a refreshing atmosphere and ignite a vibe of creativity amongst bright minds.

    Lights out! Windows closed!

    We would like to remind you that switching off a single light bulb can avoid unnecessary wastage of electricity. Avanta will soon be installing automated censored light in its office premise to save electricity.

    Saving nature is all about being careful about your habits! And it’s an opportunity to bring a meaningful change in the conventional practices, not only at home but also at the workplace!

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    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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