Mental Well-being: A Guide for Solopreneurs
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    Mental Well-being: A Guide for Solopreneurs

    Posted on January 28, 2019

    According to a research by World Health Organization more than 300 million people suffer from depression a negative working environment may lead to physical and mental health problems, harmful use of substances or alcohol, absenteeism and lost productivity.
    Here we advise few tips for the most common mental health problems in the workplace for both, the employers and the employees.

    Know at the Initial Phase of a Problem

    When you start suffering from depression there will be changes in your day to day behavior which you should take care of. If you are taking too longer to complete routine tasks, having difficulty in interacting with colleagues or you feeli to take leave from the office more frequently, then unknowingly you are depressed from your workplace.

    Make a To-do List

    If you are a freelancer and feeling overwhelmed from a heap of work, it can contribute to the tensions and anxiety. Make a to-do list in advance and prioritize your work. If you are the one working alone and it mess with your head then you should start interacting with the like-minded individuals. The ideal solution is move to a coworking space where you can get rid of your loneliness with the chance of excellent opportunities.

    Set Manageable Goals

    Don’t put pressure on yourself with higher goals which is unachievable. It can make you feel helpless which will contribute to the stress level. Instead set small goals that can help breakdown big tasks into smaller ones so the work doesn’t feel scary and daunting.

    Don’t Make Yourself Work for Too Long

    Rather making yourself in too much stress working for long hours take short walks during lunch hour, breaks with colleagues or even five minutes of relaxation for the peace of mind. Apply these and realise how much it affects to maintain the freshness of your mind.

    Drink Lots of Water and Healthy Meals

    It is normal for you to forget self-care routines like having meals, drinking enough water when you are under stress. Staying hydrated and healthy at work can go a long way toward helping people concentrate and stay centred, which may reduce the effects of anxiety in the office.

    Add Personal Items to a Workspace

    Adding personal items at your work desks can help you feel better when you are experiencing stress. When you will look at reminders of your loved ones and your memorable moments, it can help you feel centred and draw your attention toward the things that makes you happy.

    Identify Problem

    Everyone has different triggers for in the workplace from giving a presentation to writing reports to maintaining record files. It’s important for you to track the situations that make you uncomfortable in order to prepare. In such situations you should relax before these triggers, do deep breathing exercise or take a quick walk.

    Get Help

    People who have problems don’t have to suffer in silence. Mental health professionals can help those struggling with anxiety and depression develop the tools they need to cope with their stressful workplace, as well as prescribe appropriate medications as needed.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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