Moving into Managed Offices: The Easy Way
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    Moving into Managed Offices: The Easy Way

    Posted on May 16, 2022

    Moving offices can be a tedious job, but it is of paramount importance, as it reflects on your organization’s growth and maturity, and can act as a demonstration of your progress. Nonetheless, the decision of whether or not to move your office requires much deliberation and consideration. Here we aims to help you make an informed decision.

    Why Would You Need to Move Your Office?

    You need to start shopping around for offices, if:

    You require more office space:

    The simplest and most obvious reason to move your office is when you are outgrowing your current office. If you feel that your business needs more employees, additional resources or simply more office space, you can start looking for offices.

    Increased office space would enhance business efficiency, demonstrate your progress to existing and prospective clients, and provide a productive environment for further growth.

    You need to enhance business efficiency:

    Another reason might be that you feel you need to downsize your business. Moving to a smaller office would help you to cut costs effectively, and allow you to focus on increasing your business efficiency.

    You need a You need a dedicated office:

    If your home business is successful, you might need to consider moving into a dedicated office, which would allow your business to grow, while projecting business stability. A dedicated office would also allow you the professional environment required for holding client meetings, which might not be available at home.

    Your business needs the right image:

    Business growth is measured not only in terms of finances or business size, but also the image that your business projects. If your current office location does not give you the right image or fails to attract the desired clientele, you can move your office to a prominent and central location.

    A prominent business location would improve your visibility, and provide you several opportunities that are only available at a central location.

    You can even consider taking up a virtual office, where you can avail professional call handling/forwarding services from your virtual address, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a prominent location, without actually having to rent office space.

    Considerations for Office Relocation

    1. Costs: Moving your office incurs expenditure such as relocation costs and loss of productivity during relocation. If you are not prepared, it might prove expensive.
    2. Preparing your new office: You have to set up all the basic office amenities, including phone connections, Internet connections, IT infrastructure, furniture, etc., which might prove to be tedious.
    3. Employee comfort: Relocating your business might cause emotional upheaval to your employees, who have to search new means of commute.
    4. Provision for growth: You have to ensure that your new office an office space that would allow your business to expand. You wouldn’t want to relocate every time you want to take a leap.
    Advantages of Managed Offices

    Managed offices provide significant advantages when you are looking to relocate your office, and help you make a seamless transition to your new office, while providing much more:

    • Managed offices have work-ready office spaces, fully fitted with the required infrastructure to allow you to achieve a smooth relocation from your previous office.
    • You can customize your office space according to your needs and requirements, paying only for what you would use.
    • Managed offices provide room for expansion, allowing you to concentrate on your business by making business expansion hassle-free.
    • As Managed offices are located at prominent locations, they are well connected to all parts of the city through the major modes of transport. This would relieve your employees of the hassles of commuting.
    • Prominent locations would mean that your business would receive improved visibility, and hence the desired brand image.
    • Managed offices would also enable your clients to reach you easily, as they are well accessible and centrally connected.
    • Your office will be placed close to other business services.
    • Managed offices also provide fully equipped meeting rooms, conference rooms, training facilities, professional reception desk services, and other associated services, which you can avail as per your requirements.
    • Managed offices at prominent locations would place you near other major businesses and corporate offices, allowing you to attract a larger, more diverse clientele.

    Avanta Business Centers

    If you need to relocate your office, or need a virtual address for your office at a prominent location in Delhi, India, you can stop your search, for Avanta India provides world-class Managed OfficesMeeting Rooms and Virtual Offices in Delhi at an affordable price.

    Avanta Business Centers are strategically located at five central, prominent areas of Delhi and Gurgaon – Connaught Place, Nehru Place and Saket in Delhi, and Park Centra in Gurgaon. Book a visit now!


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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