The Saga of Our Real Hero – Hanuman Ji

The Saga of Our Real Hero – Hanuman Ji
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The Saga of Our Real Hero – Hanuman Ji

Posted on August 3, 2017

“Initially I denied Mr Nakul Mathur for joining Avanta Business Centre.  Though, I changed my decision after  he articulated precisely about my work.  My first day was on 1ST June 2011 and since then I am proud to be part of Team Avanta. ”

Glistening eyes, overwhelmed expressions and unperturbed serenity was the evident façade of Our Real Hero – Hanuman Ji – aftermath his 6TH Work Anniversary Cake Cutting Ceremony.  His incessant hard work, dedication worked well on the Team, who crowded him for several selfies.

Prior to the week of this soul stirring celebration,  Nakul Mathur, MD – Avanta Business Centre expressed about this idea to our zealous HR – Ms John.  I could foresee, the entire Team Avanta was elated to pay reverence to Hanumanji  for his continuous valor and dedication of all these years.  There was constant brouhaha about this plan and employees in lure to amaze him,  covertly cherry picked a cake and two shirts for him.

When the day approached, the entire team was brimming with joy and enthusiastically planned for his work anniversary.  After he was ushered towards the meeting room, he was dazed to see the cake.  However, it was soul stirring to see happiness in his teary eyes, which he was trying to veil behind.   He confabbed, “I’m cutting cake for the first time, I am glad to be here, thank you all.”

The day after the event, I asked him about his experience, he averred, “I would like to thank Mr Nakul Mathur, I’m in awe with his polite persona, and my family was pleased after this act of recognition. In future, I promise to serve Avanta like this only, really, I am overwhelmed with this kind gesture by you all.  Now all I want to ask is for a big recognition certificate from Nakul.”

This conversation tugged at my heartstrings, undeniably an unruffled interview to always remember.


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