Specialised Arbitration Chambers in Delhi And Gurgaon
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    Specialised Arbitration Chambers in Delhi And Gurgaon

    Posted on September 11, 2019

    Business transactions happen at every level. Infringement of any agreed term seeps in an ambiguity into the business relations that disrupt the normal functioning. Lengthy legal procedures rob you of time and money. Then why not resolve them speedily? Choose arbitration chambers in Delhi and Gurgaon to avoid the botheration of a lengthy procedure that keeps you awaited for justice.

    What is an Arbitration Chamber?

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    These chambers offer a court room set-up out of the premises of a real court. It is more like an out-of-court settlement while keeping oneself apprised of the boundaries of the law. There are many professional arbitrators and mediators connected through a chain of commercial organizations that undertake to resolve the disputes through mediation by forming an unbiased judgement.
    The advantage of using such a chamber is:

    1. You get a speedy resolution
    2. You get to choose the judge; beneficial in case of technical matters that require a deep understanding of the subject.
    3. They are confidential in nature

    Where to find Arbitration Chambers in Delhi or Gurgaon?

    Specialised for confidential meetings and proceedings, our meeting rooms in Delhi and meeting rooms in Gurgaon are suited best for such kind of arbitration required. Our main focus is on the privacy while one hosts a meeting/conference/proceedings at such level. Our tech equipped rooms provide the best ever experience when you choose any of the following landmark locations to solve your purpose:

    1. 4th floor, Statesman House, Connaught Place, Delhi
    2. 1st floor, Southern Park, Saket, Delhi
    3. 2nd floor, International Trade Tower, Nehru Place, Delhi
    4. 12th floor, Ambadeep, KG Marg, Connaught Place, Delhi
    5. 6th floor, BPTP Park Centra, NH-8, Gurgaon

    What do we provide?

    1. High on technology makes a hassle free communication process which is the pre-requisite in your case.
    2. Choose your kind of arrangement required for the proceeding to go smooth. Usually it is a horseshoe format that suits the cause.
    3. Apart from the ease of location, the connectivity issues are also taken care of by the connecting modes like metro, airport, bus terminals, national highway, cabs, cars etc.
    4. Impressive layouts spell the sophistication required to set the context of the proceedings right.
    5. Features like Wi-Fi, climate control, large LED TVs with PC terminals, projectors, flip charts, wall mounted speakers and even video conferencing facility is available with us.
    6. Catering is also available on request.

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    It is mainly the traders and businessmen that search for a central location while they are in Delhi. For them, our meeting room in Connaught Place suits them the best. While, those searching for an arbitration room in Gurgaon can look forward for being situated near the Cyber city and Sohna Road with us at Park Centra.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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    1. Hi
      I am looking for a meeting room for 26th of July. I would be looking at the Stateman house building. Please let me know the availability and the charges for the same.

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