That awful feeling when you commit a faux pas
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    That awful feeling when you commit a faux pas

    Posted on March 8, 2016

    It was a day in office which was going extremely well. You were meeting all your professional goals on time and you were even receiving accolades for it. But, it was that one thing which you should not have done that happened by mistake. You are now feeling guilty for it.

    Here’s how to get over that remorseful situation as soon as possible:

    1. Discuss it with your team members

    The first thing to get rid of such a situation is discuss the problem openly with your team members. Convey your intentions clearly to your hierarchy. The feeling of guilt is akin to that of killing an albatross. Unless you share it with the concerned person affected with the change you are not going to get over it.

    1. This shall too pass

    A broken glass cannot be repaired. It’s okay! It takes some time to get over it but, don’t sulk in. Collect your enthusiasm step-by-step and just take it as a level-up in your journey of learning. Time shall heal it with your efforts.

    1. Do not advertise it

    Everyone makes mistakes. It is a universal fact. But, instead of advertising it in your bid to get rid of your guilt do not forget that you are in your office and there might be few people who would want to know each and every bit of it. Of course, to help you sink better.
    The work culture in the metropolitan city like Delhi and millennium city like Gurgaon always occupies a top priority amongst employees who manage their whole day juggling between work and personal life. It is important to understand that life is much beyond those meeting rooms, conference halls and daily targets. It is about being dedicated, simple and honest to your work and yourself.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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