The Concept of Meeting Room
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    The Concept of Meeting Room

    Posted on February 13, 2021

    Everyone knows meetings with no purpose is a waste of time. However, those who have serious meetings doesn’t have the proper space. The meetings organized in a well-designed space happen to be more productive. Space equipped with essential tools can make a world of difference in a forum.

    Meeting Rooms or Board Rooms?

    At our office space in Delhi, we have meeting spaces called by different names- boardrooms, training rooms or conference rooms. We modify these spaces by their size and the kind of meeting being organized.

    • Small Meeting Room: Meeting rooms which has a capacity of 4 or fewer attendees.
    • Large Meeting Room: Meeting rooms which has a capacity of 7 or more attendees.
    • Boardroom: Meeting rooms which are more formal and are used by executives.

    Meeting Room Facilities

    The primary meeting rooms facilities are seating layouts, desks, outfitting, latest It equipment, confidentiality, though the exact specifications are dependent on what a customer require. Most of the meeting rooms in Delhi are well-equipped and are perfect for all types of meetings.

    Here are a few examples.

    Comfortable Seating: Meetings held for long-duration might need a more comfortable and ergonomic arrangement. Even for shorter meeting, people should sit comfortably so they can concentrate entirely on the meeting.

    Latest Equipment: Nowadays most meeting rooms in Delhi are equipped with the latest audio-video conferencing technology, LED smart TV screens, IP based telephones, high-speed internet and Wi-Fi etc.

    Privacy: Some conference rooms need improved privacy and might use translucent window film or window curtains. It likewise plays an essential role by keeping sound either in or out for better focus and the quality of video conferencing.

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    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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