The Right Meeting Space When You Need It
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    The Right Meeting Space When You Need It

    Posted on April 21, 2021

    Would you rather have a meeting in a room structured for the very purpose or around scattered chairs and tables? Stating the obvious, the former is always preferable.

    A well-structured meeting/training room is the one that provides you with the right technological infrastructure along with all the support services. To manage a meeting room with the right set-up, such as customizable layouts (circular, boardroom, or rectangular), and modern infrastructure requires an enormous amount of planning.

    Choosing the right meeting space

    While every business has its requirements, on generic terms, these are the few things to consider while hiring a meeting room.


    It is imperative that your meeting is held in a convenient place accessible by all major modes of transport. For instance, if you are expecting delegates from other cities, it is just coherent that you hold the meeting somewhere close to the airport. Whereas, if your employees are the only attendees, then a location close to your office would be the right choice.

    Accommodation and style

    Decide beforehand the number of people attending the meeting. You do not want to end up in a cramped meeting/training room or even a place that is needlessly large. Ensure that there is enough space if a speaker wishes to walk while presenting.

    Infrastructure and facilities

    The meeting/training room you hire ought to have all the necessary amenities required to conduct a meeting. These include Wi-Fi or LAN connectivity, audio/video conferencing facilities, and projectors. Necessities such as pens, notepads, and other things that go into a successful meeting should be at your disposal.

    It is common for meetings that extend for long hours to have refreshments served. Bearing that in mind, ensure there is a constant supply of water, coffee/tea, and refreshments.


    This is of chief importance while hiring a meeting/training room. Plan out your budget before you look at expensive, five-star venues. Going overboard with costs just for a meeting/training session, can put severe dents in your bank balance. Create your budget depending on the type of course – corporate, training, or fun, and select a venue accordingly.

    The site visits

    A visit to the site you are planning to hire will solve most of the unanswered queries. This way, you can ensure whether the ambiance of the meeting/training room meets your requirements. Other details, such as the nature of the staff, parking spaces, quality of services, can also be evaluated by visiting the site.

    Avanta Business Centres

    Avanta Business Centres offer you professional and well-equipped meeting/training rooms in prime locations of Delhi, such as Connaught place and Saket. Our centres are easily accessible, which makes it a perfect location to hold meetings and training sessions.

    Our meeting rooms offer the following facilities:

    • High-speed LAN and Wi-Fi connection
    • Air-conditioned rooms
    • Audio/Video Conference equipments on demand
    • Plasma screens, projectors and whiteboards
    • Media sharing solutions
    • End-to-end tech support
    • Free event coordination and catering
    • Unbranded reception area with reception staff

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    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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