Tips to Manage Your Team Virtually During Lockdown
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    Tips to Manage Your Team Virtually During Lockdown

    Posted on April 15, 2020

    With the current circumstance of the entire nation being locked down due to Coronavirus, companies are dealing with managing their employees at different locations.

    The internet revolution has helped companies to manage and run everything virtually during this crisis. We can recall the time when we used to gather around in the breakout area in our coworking spaces in Delhi to socialise and interact. But now, we are compelled to work remotely, despite the fact that we are cooperating on similar projects.

    Several business owners and entrepreneurs working in our coworking spaces now face challenges that have come up with the use of the new technology. One of the major challenges faced by the managers is to manage their team that is spread across different locations. The foremost thing is to ensure that there is a human element in these locations, which will keep a check on employee conflicts.
    However, you can find some great tools that can make things much easier and pull everyone in the same direction.

    Communication is the Key

    It goes without saying that communication is the key to any company’s success. Just because your colleagues are not in the same premise of coworking spaces, that doesn’t mean that can’t participate in regular meetings. You have the option for conference calling that facilitates meeting with everyone at one fixed time.

    Microsoft Team

    This app of Office 365 allows inviting people from your organization where you can chat, attend one-on-one as well as team online meetings with the option to video conferencing and screen sharing. Video conferencing can include up to 250 attendees, and live events scale up to 10,000 participants.


    As a free tool, it synchronises each employee’s diary to find out the best time for a brainstorming session. Once you organise everything on Doodle, you can set up a call, share the pin with everyone, and wait for meeting to start.

    Cloud Computing

    It assists in the effective functioning of a virtual team, meaning your colleagues can easily open same documents on their computers and simultaneously work on them, even if they are sitting at two different parts of the world.

    Security Concerns

    Increased online access means greater security risks. Thus, you need to implement new ways that can adequately protect sensitive company information. You need to encrypt data that cannot be shared with anyone and only verified personnel can open it. You can even have limited access via third-party plugins.

    Work-from-home helps you utilise the new age technology with the best effect. With the change in technology, the virtual workforce has become an inevitable way in which your company operates. So, make sure you use these tips to stay connected with your virtual team.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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