What Can You Expect on the First Day of Your Move-In at a Coworking Space
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    What Can You Expect on the First Day of Your Move-In at a Coworking Space

    Posted on December 28, 2020

    When you sign up for any coworking space in Delhi, multiple questions come to mind. Like what are the things which will be available there? What are the things you need to take with you?

    Like every other office space, even coworking spaces have some rules and etiquette which they want all their client members to follow. The Business Centre Manager of coworking space will give a quick rundown on your first day to make sure this.

    While giving an introduction, the Business Centre Manager will show you the Pantry Area and make you aware of operating the coffee machine and the crockery and microwave setup.

    They will also make you visit the conference room at a coworking space where they will let you know the procedure of booking the meeting room space for your meetings, etc.

    Where you will sit at any coworking space in Delhi, it totally depends on your type of coworking agreement you have signed in. If you or your company signed in fixed office space or shared office space, you would get a dedicated seat. If you have signed for hot-desking, then you will get the seat as per the availability.

    You will get to know what the item you want to take to the coworking space in Delhi and the facilities they are providing. Additionally, there are multiple things you need to consider while working from coworking space; you carry your laptop, phone charger, business cards. Extra tip- if you don’t want to take the hassle of moving to the pantry area for water, bring your personal water bottle.

    These are the everyday things required to make yourself comfortable at any coworking space in Delhi.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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