What do Businesses Expect in their New Office Space
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    What do Businesses Expect in their New Office Space

    Posted on October 15, 2019

    Experts nowadays need workplaces that are well-furnished with all the cutting edge amenities. Companies who want to attract the best employees of the younger generation often consider office spaces designed keeping the most recent trends in mind. It infers positivity which urges the representatives to work with dedication. Having a new office is a huge milestone for every business. However, just like any business plan, companies choose offices that are well-thought-out and planned.

    The following are significant things that are considered by companies while choosing their new office to ensure a smooth and stress-free working environment.

    Availability of New Facilities

    They ensure what administrations are covered in the new office contract. If it’s a serviced office or coworking space, most of their essential amenities may be included in their monthly rental. In our office space in Delhi, phone lines, IT, business rates, cables, and electronics are provided by us. Cleaning services are also there in our office so that professionals can start working in a tidy place after their move-in.

    The Seating Arrangement

    Most of the companies these days like the concept of the cutting edge office space arrangement that defines the nature and dynamics of the team’s work. Current working environments meet the desires of the representatives of all generations and enable performance according to their preferences by providing access to a variety of seating arrangement solutions. The appropriate seating layout promotes conceptual thinking and allows relaxing and drawing energy from the surroundings.

    Helpful in Planning

    New Office spaces are designed creatively- it has spaces where one can write on the dividers and tables, stick notes arising from the discussion in different places. One can be in constant motion. Memorizing ideas using visuals is more effective, given that imagination and visual memory are more sufficient than auditory memory. This kind of space is convenient for the employees that help them with an ergonomic working environment.

    Informal Communication

    Teamwork and good communication are very important in every business. Well-Designed offices provide numerous opportunities to exchange ideas between the employees and create informal discussions. Companies prefer large breakout areas for such activities. Individual prefer workspaces that have good tea/coffee vending machines which will encourage people to have a long and casual discussion. People would not feel the need to step out of the office for the tea/coffee break.


    Start-up companies are also ensuring that their space is adaptable to different arrangements and contributes to the improvement of the occupiers. They look for the synergistic community where one can exchange ideas with like-minded individuals from the established businesses. Such office spaces in Delhi has a common huge lounge and an extensive co-working area.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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