Why and How Assessment Centers Are Used
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    Why and How Assessment Centers Are Used

    Posted on November 22, 2018

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    As you have just found out about the benefits of assessment centers, now let’s demonstrate when and how employers use professionally designed assessment centres. Employers believe that assessment center is the most effective tool in the process of recruiting graduate-based candidate with the end goal to predict their success in their job role.
    Why are they used?
    The assessment centre process allow the companies to observe how capable the candidates are and measure their performance against the specific key criteria and skills required for their job profile. It allows them to witness the candidates’ performance rather knowing their ability through curriculum vitae.
    The assessment centres may dig an extra hole in employer’s pocket and takes time to occur yet it gives them a fair chance to evaluate the applicants’ skills and personal qualities.
    How are they used?
    There are various activities which are designed for the applicants. For example, a sales job applicants might be asked to play a role in selling a product on behalf of the company. For a teaching job, the applicants might be asked to show their way of teaching or to elaborate a lesson that they have prepared for the job role. If there is any strength based job recruitment, the candidates may find themselves indulging in physical challenging activities.
    Employers observe their candidates for an extended period of time to see their behaviour under pressure, to watch how they can work in a team and to see their leadership quality. Assessment centres are also an opportunity for employers to give potential recruits an insight into the company culture and attitudes
    How the candidates are finalized?
    The evaluators come together at the end of the assessment centre for a brain storming session. They consider each candidate, noting their observations of individual performance during each exercise. Using all the evidence they have gathered from the distinctive activities, they discuss whether the applicants have demonstrated the skills and qualities and to what extent.
    The candidates are evaluated against a particular level of aptitude or conduct, often called a benchmark. On the off chance a candidate reaches the benchmark, he or she will normally be offered a position or go forward to any further recruitment stage. There is rarely a quota of how many candidates can continue.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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