Why professionals are crazy about coworking spaces? Some shocking facts revealed.
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    Why professionals are crazy about coworking spaces? Some shocking facts revealed.

    Posted on July 1, 2020

    Coworking spaces are something exceptional, and it is about time that we all are aware that coworking is more than just a buzz or a passing trend. Coworking is something that will stay. Let’s dig further why people are so crazy about coworking space?

    Although the word “coworking” did not exist earlier, we already saw it growing from the past two decades in the foreign countries. Over the years, the coworking spaces are known for three significant benefits.

    A space available for desk-sharing and networking events
    Emphasis on community
    A community of like-minded people with similar mind and values

    Even though our modern lives are different from what it used to be 20 years ago, what we value in our daily life has remained constant. We still like to interact with people we can relate ourselves with, and we are still social being that appreciate a strong sense of community. Some things never really change, you know!

    Coworking undermines turf-battles and promotes collaboration and networking.

    Compared to corporate representatives, who work within regular working hours, many of the startup owners of freelancers who work in coworking spaces are more inclined towards freedom and flexibility to work.

    But even having a home office setup, what is it that attracts people to coworking spaces anyway?

    Let’s consider coworking space in Delhi, where people work independently with less hierarchy. Professionals are responsible for their tasks, progress, and working process. These conditions save us from “social idleness” and counter-productive behaviours such as hierarchical competitions. In comparison to the corporate offices and because of the limited internal competition and workspace politics, people don’t feel to make an extra effort to change their persona for the sake of fitting in the work culture. Coworking community give them a space to just be themselves.

    Coworking provides a community one must experience

    Getting a sense of a strong community is one of the primary reasons why professionals choose to work in coworking spaces. Multiple studies have shown that people who work from home for a longer time face the issue of work-life balance, leading to extended working hours, lots of domestic distractions, and higher degrees of isolation and loneliness. This creates a negative impact on productivity.

    To avoid such a scenario or say to combat loneliness, professionals look for places where they perform their work and be a part of a healthy community.

    Above all, these coworking spaces are more about our sentiments and less about performance. It represents a new work culture where people enjoy their work, meet people, and interact.

    Coworking spaces are about human emotions and their sixth sense.

    At coworking spaces, people are more active, and in the mood of having informal discussions over coffee, socialize at the same time gets an area when they want privacy. The freedom of being alone when required amidst an energetic environment also attracts most of the professionals.



    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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