Why Start-ups like You Need a Coworking Space Solution
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    Why Start-ups like You Need a Coworking Space Solution

    Posted on June 27, 2022

    The advent of new age Cloud technology and online communication capabilities have increased the potential for home-based businesses in India. Start-ups in India are now leasing out a dedicated office space in formative stages with a relatively lower budget.

    But one thing which small start-ups neglect is the ‘Coworking Space Solution’. Yes, it is true people starting their business often ignore the fact that a Coworking Space address can make all the difference in maintaining a professional business front.

    Coworking Space have been there for over two decades in the US and UK, but have become more favourable in India recently. People now have the option to work from home or can share an office space. It’s practical, more comfortable and makes perfect sense to save more money, without working entire day from 9 to 5. With the availability of new age technology and advent of social media, the working restrictions are gone.

    Here are some key points which you need to know as a start-up looking Coworking Spaces solution:

    Affordable Professionalism

    Coworking Spaces provide a new age approach to affordable professionalism. They offer all the benefits of a prime business address without the capital expenditure associated with all time physical occupancy. You can now find a Coworking Space in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata. There are no set geographical constraints to where you can set up a Coworking Space in India. It is useful especially for emerging businesses that look to establish themselves in the market.

    Coworking Spaces are handled by expert secretarial teams, who answer phone calls on behalf of your company. They also look after mail collection and forwarding all items sent to your Coworking Space mailing address. Some of the top Coworking Space providers in India provide special hot-desking packages for Coworking Space clients. These packages allow every business owners to make use of a professional meeting rooms within Coworking centres on a flexible basis.

    Avanta India have been one of the leading advocates for hot-desking packages, offering high profile conference spaces and executive lounges at many of their business centres. There facilities at New Delhi and Gurgaon allow Coworking Space clients to find dedicated workstations or meeting rooms at short notice.

    Making it Work for You

    Having a Coworking Space is a must of business owners who look to expand, impress their clients and want to grow. Having a professional business address in a central location at a fraction of the price may offer you administrative support for telephone calls, a professional address for your business, with a prestigious postcode.

    Whether it’s a start-up company or a successfully launched, taking a Coworking Space can have a range of benefits. A Coworking Space solution can provide you hot-desking options, serviced meeting rooms and even shared office space as your business grows. And if you look to widen your market, then it can surely help you have a global presence, without having to fly your staff out there.

    If you have not considered this solution, then it’s worth choosing a Coworking Space that fits into your business plan. A Coworking Space will take away all the stress of manning your business and allows you to carry on your operations smoothly.

    You can take a look at some more info about Coworking Spaces in Delhi and Gurgaon.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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