Are Serviced Offices Best Option to Save Office Space Wastage?

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Are Serviced Offices Best Option to Save Office Space Wastage?Overview

According to Condeco Software’s study on office usage, more than 600,000 sq. ft. office space is wasted every year. This is a huge wastage of office spaces, which otherwise has a potential for around $198,000,000 in real estate savings (as stated in DTZ report, 2013).

The study also unveiled few statistics about office spaces:
•    Average meeting room usage globally is around 36%
•    Around 34% of work desks are used globally every year
•    Average breakout room usage is only 44%

Are Serviced Offices Best Option to Save Office Space Wastage?

These stats give us an idea that there is a lot of scope of improvement in terms of effectively utilising the office spaces.

Real Estate Savings

With such high alarming stats about office spaces, what can you do to make real estate savings? One of the best ways to utilise work desks effectively is to rent a serviced office space. Serviced offices make sure that there is little wastage and maximum utilisation of the resources.

They are flexible and give you an option to customise your office space as per your business requirements. We understand that the competition is high in the market, and thus there is a definite instability in terms of doing business. If you’re unsure about the future of your business, or looking to make real estate savings then renting serviced offices seems a good option.

How to Utilise Office Spaces Effectively?

Business centres across the globe give you options like serviced offices, meeting rooms, breakout rooms and other added office facilities. If you’re looking for an affordable office solution, then your best option is undoubtedly a serviced office. It gives you relief from a conventional office space in terms of your costs and renting options.

You can easily rent serviced offices on a monthly basis and the office facilities will be available readily. You don’t have to worry about stocking your kitchen with food, or cleaning the work desk, as all this would be look after for you. The flexibility and convenience of these office spaces make them a good option for new businesses in terms of saving money.
Although, people have some misconceptions about serviced offices, yet it is an undeniable fact that they are the right choice when your main objective is to save costs or utilise the maximum space.

Business centres provide premium facilities like meeting rooms and receptions, but don’t want you to pay full time for it. So, by saving that much cost and resources, you are actually utilising office spaces in a better way for your business.

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