Can your commute to office help you stay fit and healthy

Can your commute to office help you stay fit and healthy
Can your commute to office help you stay fit and healthyOverview

A research figure shows that people who take public transport like bus, metro or even walk to their office tend to lose weight. The way you commute to your work can help you stay fit and healthy.

A recent research conducted by Avanta Business Centre on its in-house clients found that people who preferred walking, cycling, or public transport over driving to work lost around 1 kg weight in a year.
If their journey was 10 minutes longer, then they lost around 2 kg. Travelling to work for more than half an hour helped people to lose approximately 7 kg.
The research also showed that people who switched from public transport to driving their own vehicle gained around 1 kg of weight over a year.


The data collected by Avanta shows that close to 11% of its existing business centre clients walked to work. If you walk at a pace of around 5 km per hour, you could easily burn close to 200-300 calories in one hour. This means you can easily burn the extra calories from your morning breakfast.


The Avanta data found that only 2% business centre employees cycled to their work. Cycling for an hour can help you burn almost 300-400 calories, depending upon your cycling speed and body weight.

Public Transport

According to the research, more than 40% of employees operating at Avanta Business Centre travelled to work by public transport, including buses, auto rickshaws, and metro trains. This journey from their home to bus stops and metro stations and then to work helped them lose weight.

Benefits of Public Transportation to work

Did You Know?

If you switch to public transportation then it gets much easier than going to the gym for multiple reasons.

•    Exercising in gym is costly, whereas if you commute by foot, cycle, or public transport you can save a lot of money.
•    Commuting by public transport means you can take out some time for reading or doing another tasks, whereas if you drive your vehicle you’re just stuck with driving.
•    Sitting too much is bad for your health and can lead to cardiovascular diseases. If you cycle or walk to work then it’s really good for your mental as well as physical well-being.
The time you spend driving your bike or car makes you unhealthy and sad. So, if you’re still driving to work, then it’s time to switch to walking, cycling or public transportation.

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