John Gay

Avanta Business Centre Review by Rolls Royce India Pvt. Ltd

John Gay, SVP Customer Business, South Asia- Defence, Rolls Royce India Pvt. Ltd     rolls_royce_logo

I (John Gay) look after the current business and future business requirements for our military customers in South Asia based here from our offices in Delhi.

Why did you choose Avanta?

Convenience, really. The team is expanding in terms of what we were doing for our business in this region and we were getting too big for the office that we had, so we wanted to find something that was readily available for us to move into, close by our current head office and would offer the size of facility that we needed.

How has your experience been?

Excellent. It’s provided everything that we wanted and we’re still looking for a larger premise where we’ll get back together as a group but in the interim period it gives us relieved flexibility to wait until we can find the right office base to move back in together.

Where was your office located before you moved to Avanta?

Our corporate office here is still very close by, maybe 200 metres and further in the same location. So, still very close by. I (John Gay) think for us what we were looking for was an interim location and it just offers something which we can use for a short period or extended period, so I think it just gives us the flexibility to make sure that we find the right premises to get our group back together again. And it makes sure that as and when we need to liaise with the head office, we are close by and there is no loss of efficiency in doing so.

What are the benefits of being in Avanta?

I think again everything for us is a part of interim present and what we need is somewhere where everybody else can take care of all the facilities that we need, the professional and connections if you like to communicate and we don’t lose that communication to the head office. And ideally it’d be great to be together as a team but as of now we don’t have that luxury. So we just want something that’s convenient, offers all the facilities that we want and gives us the ability to do everything we need regardless of the efficiency. Being in a serviced office just gives us our flexibility.

What is the best thing you like about Avanta?

I think again this is particular to our circumstances you are just very close to where we need to be. It’s in the central business area, so I’m close by my customer base and close by my head office. And I can let Avanta take care of all the administrative needs, the other facilities I need, and we can just carry on with doing the work we need to do I think for us it’s the convenience of the location and the services they provide here and we can carry on and do the work that we need to do without worrying about the provision of the services, the administration and everything. The offices that we have are very professional so it’s good for our customers when they come to see us and we’re very close by to our central office. So for us it’s the perfect interim solution.

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