Shehla Raza Hasan

Avanta Business Centre Review by Conferderation of British Industry

Shehla Raza Hasan, Country Head, Conferderation of British Industry     CBI, UK



Can you please introduce yourself?
My name is Shehla Hasan. I am the Country Head for the Confederation of the British Industry in India.
What is your company’s core business area?
We are the UK’s premier business policy advocacy body and we speak for around hundred and ninety thousand companies worldwide. While our core work is done in the UK, we also have international offices in Washington DC, Beijing and in Delhi.
Where did you hear about the business centre concept and how did you narrow down to Avanta?
Actually, the British business circuit pretty much starting with the British business group in Delhi. They had mentioned about Avanta, in Connaught Place. I was there initially. Since Avanta was recommended, we didn’t really look around much. When the Saket branch started and we wanted a bigger space. We shifted here.
How has been your experience with Avanta and being in Avanta serviced office, how it helped you and your business?
In fact, I was the third tenant in the Saket building. So initially we did have a few starting teething problems. But then everything got resolved very quickly, the staff has been exceptionally brilliant in helping us out and holding our hand through this journey of the CBI in India.
Do you have any comments on the Avanta centre team?
The centre team is I think very well chosen. They have been really helpful to us. They have been exceptional and specially, they take constructive feedback very seriously. In fact, the things that I have pointed out, which sometimes don’t go right, they really take it on board and they deliver on it. I think that is what keeps the customer happy.
Will you recommend someone to have office space with Avanta and why?
Definitely, in fact we have been talking to a few people and when they ask us about possible locations in Delhi, I have always recommended Avanta saying that I have been here for around two and a half years and we haven’t had any complaints. Things are going really well and I wish Avanta all the very best.
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