Basic Rules for Meeting Room Etiquette
Basic Rules for Meeting Room Etiquette
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    Basic Rules for Meeting Room Etiquette

    Posted on March 4, 2021

    Have you ever encountered someone who is referred to as an ‘annoying guy’ in the meeting space? When it is about meeting rooms an awful bad behavior has a negative effect on all the attendees who are a part of the meeting. Being rude and maintain bad behavior will disintegrate the fundamental benefits of the discussion.

    In addition to your good suite-mate personality here we bring a few basic rules of etiquette to be followed while you are in a meeting room.

    Don’t Claim for Space Without a Reservation

    Most service providers have a process of booking the conference room. If you are a part of a shared office community don’t just bump into an empty conference room without getting the confirmation.

    Leave the Room Clean the Way You Found It

    No one wants to clear chaos created by others. Make sure you collect all the clutter and put the waste in the bin. On the off chance you cannot clean up do not have ready access to cleaning supplies, inform the receptionist or the administrator of the space.

    Book as Per Your Meeting Duration

    It doesn’t really appeal to have your meeting barged in on by the person with the next booking slot. It is suggested to consider the maximum duration of your meetings and make the bookings accordingly. Neglecting to do so may result in a situation where you will be requested to leave the room and there will no other empty room accessible for you.

    Do Not Overuse the Space

    Sometimes it’s appealing to spread your work at a big round table in an empty conference room. But, there are certain etiquette to be followed in a coworking space which everyone must follow. If you share the office space with workers from different companies where conference rooms are a limited source, don’t overuse the spaces. Rather limit your work at your desk and keep these spaces only for customers and staffs meeting.

    Book the Space Early

    Conference Rooms are usually available if you reserve them early. If you hold up until the day of your gathering, you may find yourself without access to space. Even if your meeting gets dropped make sure to cancel the reservation at the same moment.

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    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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