Shared Office: From A Casual Freelancer To A Core Professional
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    Shared Office: From A Casual Freelancer To A Core Professional

    Posted on July 14, 2016

    shared office space avanta business centre
    Working from home or freelancing does involve comfort of your own but, amidst this comfort, are you committed, focused or disciplined towards your work? Handling projects of different organizations at a time involves strategizing it, planning well in advance, marking your calendar and a lot of self-discipline which seems tipping off the point while you are only a freelancer. Choose to upgrade your proficiency, hire a shared office space to work like a professional.
    While you manage your business from home, did you ever realize that you cannot invite your clients to your home for a meeting? That’s just so un professional. You may lose a client even before you start pitching him. Choosing a shared office in Delhi or Gurgaon with us shall save you from this predicament.  With a shared office space, you are not just provided with a dedicated workstation of your own but, you are also able to imbibe the most important characteristic of doing business: professionalism.

    Important Points that Helps you to Find a Shared Office Space

    Here are few important things that a shared office space helps you with:

    1. Networking

    This is the most helpful aspect of choosing such a space to work. When you are just a start-up, this sort of arrangement helps you to rub shoulders with business tycoons as well. You get to know your business’s worth in the market while you choose a working space with them. That’s right, even established organizations choose a shared office space with us in their search for a cost effective way of conducting business for a temporary project.

    1. Self-disciplining

    At home, you have plenty of reasons to distract yourself. But, in a professional atmosphere, you get to taste the real corporate world. You have to make yourself reach their level to be accepted well. For this, you ought to imbibe characteristics of time management and planning. Only an office of your own, away from your home helps you maintain that status-quo.

    1. Single occupancy multitude benefits

    With only one workstation, you are provided with the amenities of a team. You get a fully furnished work space that is scented with professionalism. Full IT support, admin support, reception services, housekeeping services with ho hassle of maintenance adds on to the fervor.

    1. Meeting rooms on discount

    Choosing a shared office (Delhi or Gurgaon) with us makes you eligible for 20 per cent discount on booking a meeting room. Deliver your first ever business presentation in style. Hook your client towards your services/products even before you meet him in person. Choose our meeting rooms that work on any occupancy number. We accommodate every number.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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