Don’t Miss These Business Meeting Etiquette Guidelines
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    Don’t Miss These Business Meeting Etiquette Guidelines

    Posted on June 25, 2015

    Don’t Miss These Business Meeting Etiquette Guidelines

    In every company, usually managers or team leaders call for business meetings when they feel the need. Whether the meetings are called for attaining the company goals or just planning a corporate event, you should always follow the right business meeting etiquette.

    However, organising a business meeting is not simple, as it may seem. You need to have everything organised, without wasting your valuable time and money. You may want it to run smoothly, on schedule and leaving enough time for questions and feedback. The main purpose of organising a business meeting is to make sure that everyone is involved.

    Here is a list of essential business meeting etiquettes, which you can follow to organise a hassle-free corporate event. Whether you’re the manager or the attendee, thee guidelines will surely help you plan everything according to your business plans.


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    Guidelines for Managers
    1. Write down the agenda for your meeting, with a proper sequence. Send the copies of this agenda to everyone who will attend your event.
    2. When you send the invitation to the attendees, make sure you include details about the meeting, including the venue, start time, things they need to bring, and end time.
    3. Start the event with a friendly gesture and let the attendees know when the right time to ask questions is.
    4. Write down at least the bullet points in your notes. This will help you stay on track and don’t jump from one topic to another.
    5. Keep an eye on your attendees’ body language. If you see that they’re losing interest, just pause and make sure you engage them in a better way.
    6. You can have a few stories to keep everyone interested in the meeting.
    7. When someone asks you questions, please remain quiet until the individual has finished asking. If you don’t understand, ask the person to repeat the question.
    8. Try to end the meeting early. It’s always good to keep the meetings short than to lose the attention of attendees.

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    Guidelines for Attendees
    1. Be punctual and reach the venue a few minutes before the start time.
    2. Keep your mobile phone on silent or switch it off.
    3. Wait until the meeting is over and everyone else is eating. Don’t rush to the food and wait for other people to join in.
    4. Do not chitchat or exchange notes with other attendees during the meeting. This can be disturbing and can give the impression that you’re not serious about your work.
    5. Answer to questions as directly as possible. If you don’t know the answer, simply apologize and be honest.
    6. Make sure you thank the speaker after the meeting is over.

    Business meetings need to be planned effectively to achieve your company’s end goals. If you’re looking to hire a meeting venue for your next event, then have a look at the options available with us.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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