Meeting Clients For The First Time?
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    Meeting Clients For The First Time?

    Posted on December 15, 2016

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    “Get closer than ever to your clients. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realise it themselves,” – Steve Jobs
    The nature of a sales job is such that you must utter the right word at the right moment while meeting your clients. If you have managed to strike a chord that resounds your most probable client’s thoughts, feelings or opinion about anything under the sun then Mr./ Ms. Sales Manager, hold your strings tight, the fish is ready to be trapped.
    Selling is an art that finds its way out through business meetings. Your goal should be to instil trust in your client for you first and then your product/ services. Make them comfortable, smoothen out the edges that are sharply under his control. Start by knowing him first, for example, where does he live, comment about something which is affecting the business these days. Try to go off-the topic to set in the picture of trust and genuineness about you.
    Rolling the ball immediately hampers the comfort zone of the client. You ought to have a background information about the client you are about to deal with prepared well in advance. Breaking the ice is important and most important is to sustain the level of comfort after you introduce your business. For that to happen, you got to drive your point straight into the head with no disturbances. Hiring meeting rooms in Delhi/ Gurgaon is a prudent decision to make if you want to ensure that.
    Meeting clients for the first time needs a preparation well in advance. Go amidst the noise and you will realise how important it is to conduct the business meetings at a place that is deemed fit to conduct it professionally. As soon as you hear that great news of agreeing to meet you, you should know where. Non-verbal cues travel faster than verbal, using meeting rooms for that important impression carries weight.
    Using our facility for meetings makes it a hassle-free affair for you. Here’s why:

    1. We offer you six prime locations for meetings in Delhi and Gurgaon.
    2. The meeting rooms are tech advanced to handle any requirement that needs to be handled in a technically advanced manner.
    3. Well-furnished meeting rooms leaves space for your first impression to be a lasting one.
    4. Fully manned reception to greet you and your client works as a goldmine to showcase your business image.
    5. Save on your business time, effort and money while using our services for video conferencing in Delhi and Gurgaon region to anywhere in the world.
    6. Catering facility also available on request
    7. Choose any kind of seating arrangement possible in our spacious meeting rooms.
    8. Use flipchart, projector, wall mounted speakers to communicate effectively.

    Not just these pointers, our clients testify us on many more parameters when they experience it themselves. Starting right from easy booking, a warm welcome by the staff, a well responsive reception team to an array of amenities in the meeting room, they find it quite convenient to use it again and again.


    Author: Anvesha Sharma


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